Chloride-fixing Cross-Sectional Repair Additive for Shotcrete

DENKA Chlore Fix Shot is a chloride-fixing, premixed additive for concrete cross-sectional repair. When mixed with hardening accelerators such as DENKA Technoshot AF just prior to shotcreting, cross-sectional repair with minimized spalling can be achieved. Mass construction at longer pumping distances (compared to standard wet-mix) is also possible due to the high fluidity of DENKA Chlore Fix Shot. Furthermore, as DENKA Chlore Fix Shot is calcium aluminate-based, soluble salt content are immobilized in cement, minimizing rebar rusting.


  • Minimizes rebar corrosion by immobilizing salt content

  • Makes plant installation/relocation convenient as long-distance mortar pumping (of ~100m) is possible

  • Superior cross-sectional repair performance as compared to standard wet-mix shotcreting. ~10cm thickness (wall surface) can be applied at a time, making it suitable for mass construction

  • Incorporates polyacrylic ester that which suppresses damage to steel-reinforced concrete caused by water, CO2, salt

  • Minimizes cracking that compromises mortar durability

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