Non-Shrink Grout


Ultra-Fast Hardening Non-Shrink Grout

DENKA HIGH PRETASCON is an ultra-fast hardening non-shrink grout for use in emergency works or cold climates; with long-term durability in civil and architectural construction.


  • Available in 2 different types – TYPE-I, II and TYPE-H

  • Suitable for use in cold climates or emergency works. Hardening in 20~30 minutes; shortening downtime required for emergency works.

  • Enhances integration with existing structures. Bleeding as a result of void occurrence is minimized; enhancing adhesion to the bonded structure.

  • High durability. With proper curing, required strength can be attained 3 hours after concrete placement.

  • Useable in subzero temperatures. Hardens even at -10°C to result in quality grout.

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