Non-Shrink Grout


Non-Shrink Mortar for Grout (For Use in Massive Mortar)

DENKA PRETASCON TYPE-M is a premixed, non-shrink dry mortar developed for grouting needs. It is prepared by simply mixing with water. As a grouting material, DENKA PRETASCON TYPE-M boasts high fluidity and can be injected to fill spaces while reducing void formation.


  • Subsidence and shrinkage are prevented by its moderate expansion, enabling high integration with base concrete that which leads to higher performance and long-term durability

  • Enhances integration with existing structures. Bleeding as a result of void occurrence is minimized; enhancing adhesion to the bonded structure.

  • Heat-resistant, mitigating cracks caused from heat of hydration

  • Excellent fluidity at high temperatures (35°C)

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